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Marie and the cat

Welcome to Shantie.Art, where creativity knows no bounds and the Post-Exhibitionism style is coined inspired by Shantie's paintings, photographs and storytelling. 

At Shantie.Art, we believe in the power of art to inspire, captivate, and transport to new worlds. Whether through the pages of The Girl Who Lost Her Compass, the lens of our model photography in Modeling section, or the strokes of our paintings in Art section, we strive to ignite the spark of enigma and imagination. 

Crazy Art section is unique as it displays art by Shantie's former mental health patients who expressed their visual hallucinations, delusions or inner monsters through art, during Shantie's art therapy. 

On the photo is Shantie's cat Peaches: long-time friend, inspiration, family member and muse. 

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