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Discover the enigmatic world of The Girl Who Lost Her Compass book by Shantie. Immerse yourself in a minacious adventure as you follow the resilient protagonist's journey of self-discovery. With captivating storytelling and vivid imagery, this book is a feast for the imagination. Let the lyrical modern prose transport you to raw realms where psyche and reality intertwine. Order your copy and embark on a captivating literary experience that will leave you thinking and puzzled. 

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What is the story about?

Veronika is her own worst enemy, a teenage beauty who can seduce her way in and out of every situation -or so she thinks. Driven by poverty and pipedreams of night-club knights in shining armour, Veronika careens recklessly from one dangerous situation to another. When Veronika meets Sasha, he seems like everything she's been waiting for, handsome, wealthy, and helplessly in love with her. But true love is short lived for opportunists like our heroine, who seems always to want more than she's prepared to pay for. Miraculously outrunning drug addiction and battery of body and soul, Veronika's dream comes true when she escapes the despair of her home country, reinventing herself as a model in the Land of the Free. But can she outrun fate? Set between Russia and the United States, Marie Shantie seamlessly weaves two disparate worlds together in this gripping tale of drugs, sex and a girl who lost her way.


(Olympia Publishers 2023)

The Girl Who Lost Her Compass, the lost girl


"Very impressed with the plot which is unexpected, deep, yet a very fast paced read. Could not put the book down. Made me think, made me wonder"                             (Barnes & Noble customer)

More reviews:
"I really liked the book and was very surprised by its unexpected events and unpredictability of the plot. It has very true descriptions of the 90s in Russia, even in small details. It is clear that the author went through the 90s and remembers well what was fashionable, what was going on and what happened there. The main character evokes feelings, she is neither good nor bad, she is who she is. And she tries to survive. All the characters evoke feelings.
Some descriptions brought me to tears. For example, what happened to the other character. Is this really true about the surgery?
It is written in good language and reads quickly. As soon as I sat down to read it, I read it right away in one sitting. And I remembered so many things about my youth in Russia. I realized that I was actually so lucky."   
                              (Amazon customer)    

More reviews:
"I believe this unbelievable story is true because for many of us this is a harsh naked reality. For some readers it may seem untrue, but trust me it is true. I have gone through and heard from a lot worse, untold and never told stories. I enjoyed the fast read, I believe this is a new (unfortunately) way, we are progressing away from classic writers....this novella is well written in a modern fast slang language."         (Amazon customer)

More reviews:
"When I started reading, the book immediately captured my spirit and did not let go until the very reading. An amazing  story written by a very, very talented person!!! I can only compare J. K. Rowling and her Harry Potter books, and even   then she is somewhere nervously smoking on the sidelines 🤣
Thank You Very Much To The Author!!!! 
I strongly advise everyone!!!!!"           (Amazon customer)

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